Affordable CCW

$65 Concealed carry and basic pistol training in Columbus, Ohio.

Questions to ask when comparing Affordable CCW to other training opportunities

How does the range time work?

Our answer: Students are divided into two groups containing about 6 students each. Each group rotates in and out of the range several times. This technique ensures each student absorbs more by taking breaks and starting again refreshed. While on breaks, students are with an instructor learning additional topics not covered in the classroom.


What is the instructor-to-student ratio on the range?

Our answer: 1-to-1 for new shooters. 1-to-1 or 1-to-2 for experienced shooters.


Do you achieve this 1-to-1 ratio by having only one or two students shoot while all the others wait?

Our answer: Absolutely not. As each group of students (about 6 students) rotates into the range, all 6 students are provided with their own individual NRA instructor and their own individual range lane. Because we draw from our pool of volunteer instructors and use a commercial indoor range, this ensures a superior student range experience.


How many cartridges will each student shoot?

Our answer: A minimum of 75. More if time allows.


Do you use an indoor range, where weather is not an issue?

Our answer: Yes


Do I need to buy a gun to take this class?

Our answer: Absolutely Not. There is no requirement to own a gun to take this class. We provide a couple dozen guns in class and at the range for students to use. This allows students to experience different gun types and options, learn how guns work and about gun safety before making a purchase.


Additionally, if you plan on bringing your own small, lightweight gun (common for concealed carry) to the range, it may be uncomfortable to shoot 75 rounds in one evening. You are welcome to use our guns part of the time and still use yours. Mix it up.


Do I need to buy ammunition to take this class?

Our answer: No. If you are a new shooter, we do not want to make you go to the store to buy something you have not learned about. We will provide .22 ammo (a small, low-recoil cartridge that every shooter starts with) included in your fee. You are welcome to bring other calibers if you are bringing a gun to the range. If you are a new shooter and, after shooting the .22 ammo, want to try larger calibers, we can help you with that.


Will this class satisfy the training requirement for the Ohio Concealed Handgun License?

Our answer: Yes. Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a certificate. If you decide to apply to a Sherriff office for an Ohio Concealed Handgun License, this certificate will prove you received the appropriate training. There are other courses out there which are intended for other purposes. There is nothing wrong with that, but just be sure you are singing up for the class you want.




Word of mouth has always been an important part of filling our classes and therefore keeping them affordable. If you know someone who would like to take our class, please invite them.


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